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Test your memorization skills with MemBrain Memory Puzzle!

MemBrain is a simple, fun and easy yet addictive color-matching game where you exercise your visual memory with flurries of short-burst recall.

First glance at a color mosaic, then select from four choices, only one of which is correct. The puzzles adapt difficulty to your skill - the better you perform, the more you need to memorize, but slip up, and you get demoted. The game moves quickly, and faster memorization results in a higher score. The goal is to get to the highest level possible with the best score possible. High scores and the levels in which they were attained are saved, so you can track your progress.

Sometimes a puzzle is a little tricky, but worry not, we have you covered - if you need a small assist, three different power-ups are available to help out, each in its own special way. Play over time and see how your memory improves.

Check it out!