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Get our advanced nutrition reference app, Nutrio

Now you CAN compare apples to oranges.

Nutrio can help you track the nutrients in your diet. Use it to lose or gain weight, or to balance and optimize your diet. With the advanced features, you can even find the foods you're looking for without knowing what they're called!

This helpful database of nutritional facts, backed by the latest data from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, is packed with many useful features, such as:


  • Large database of foods in a wide variety of categories (USDA SR)
  • Fast, efficient searching by keyword / food name / description
  • Favorites list to save and view only the foods you have an interest in
  • Macro- and micronutrient breakdown for multiple predefined portions
  • Percentages based on the more modern RDI / DV rather than antiquated RDA
  • Food Filtering by Good, Very Good, Excellent amount of single or combination of nutrients
  • Sorting by variety of useful methods
  • Nutrients broken down in category cards for efficient navigation
  • Colorful, easy-to-read graphs for nutrient groups to lend a visual depiction to the numeric data

What sets this app apart from all the rest is the advanced searching and sorting mechanisms which enable or otherwise enhance the navigation of a vast compendium of foods. This allows one to hone in on foods with specific nutritional characteristics of interest.

Finally, we have taken care to write this app with change and enhancement in mind, as we have a large number of ideas planned for the second major release, so expect even more features in the future. As always, we keep user suggestions in mind. Please feel free to e-mail us at contact@neologiclabs.com to contribute your thoughts and opinions.